Welcome to Escape Page

Escape Page is a website for fans of escape rooms. This website will contain 3 different kind of pages. For now, only one page is available, but for me this is enough reason to give you access to this website.



On Tuesday 12th of july 2016 this website will be opened for online visitors. At this moment we donít have much to show, but it is possible to give and see rankings to and from different escaperooms.
When a ranking is given, it must be checked, so it wonít be visible on the ranking page immediately.


The page which is already available is the ranking page. On this page you find the rankings of the different escape rooms and you can leave a ranking as well.
In the future you can also get some information on different escape room companies here as well.

Escape games

You all will know the point and click games in which you are locked in a room where you need to get out of. These games will be available on this website as well.
This will be the first extra addition to this website.

Escape pages

This is the futures biggest part of this website. In it you will be playing an escape room online. You can play this with three or four players from around the globe and will see your own screen. Actions you take on your own screen will have effect on the screens of other players. This way you can escape all together from the page.
Later more information on this.